AIBC Council

To fulfill its mandate, the AIBC is governed by a council of elected and appointed representatives. As set out in the Architects Act, AIBC Council consists of 15 voting members. Of these, 10 are architects (Architect AIBC) elected by their peers. Four council members, the Lieutenant Governor Appointees, are non-architect public representatives appointed by the provincial government. One council member is the representative of The University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

The council-appointed registrar position is filled by an Architect AIBC who sits on council as a non-voting officer.

The AIBC Council also extends an invitation to guests to sit in a non-voting capacity. The guest positions are: immediate Past-President, Intern Architect Liaison (elected by Intern Architects AIBC), Architectural Technologist Liaison (elected by Architectural Technologists AIBC) and Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC) Liaison (nominated by IDIBC).

Council elections are held every year in conjunction with the AIBC Annual Meeting. Following the adjournment of the annual meeting, council elects its slate of officers for the council year. Election terms are for two-year periods with five positions becoming available in each election year.